Posted on July 1, 2012 3:36 pm

Marketing my way through Vet School

Chris with a Blue Tongued Skink

I am Chris Allen, and I have a dream of becoming a vet. If I had stayed in the UK I would never be able to afford to follow this dream, however in September 2012 I started to study at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia. Since starting here it has reinforced my belief that it is where I am meant to be. I spring out of bed in the morning hungry to get studying and am absolutely loving learning here. I want to be a vet more than anything else in the world and have sacrificed so much to get here that I would hate to fail now. Sadly in addition to my studies I have to spend a lot of time in trying to raise the money to allow me to continue onto the next semester of my course. This is where I realised that what I really was doing was marketing my way through vet school!

My Background

I grew up in East London and was a high achiever throughout school achieving the highest grades that a student there had ever achieved. I then attended college after which I did Camp America spending 5 months by myself in the states 3 of which I spent travelling across the country. A few months after returning home I fell out with my parents and left home to live with my Great Great Aunt. Over the past 4 years I have been studying for a degree in BioVeterinary Science which I will complete in August (I am just finishing up my Dissertation now).It has been a roller coaster journey for me, and I have developed personally as well academically. During this time I unexpectedly lost my Great Great Aunt which hit me really hard, became President of the UWESU Land and Animal Biology Society, and was elected to represent 30,000 UWE students on a national level at NUS National Conference 2012.

Why I am studying abroad

Unfortunately in the UK the postgraduate tuition fee’s are unregulated and there is no financial (student loan) support for Postgraduate degree’s (and there is no private academic loan system like the USA) so I am having to pay for this all myself. The postgraduate course is 4 years long. Tuition costs £7,500 per year, accommodation costs £1440 per year, and food/general living costs will be around £150/month so in total I need to raise around £10,000 a year or £40,000 total. If I had stayed in the UK this would have been much higher at over £110,000 over the four years.

Even with the lower cost, £40,000 is a lot of money to find so am I am asking for as much help as I can! In order to make my dream come true I have sold everything I own and am trying to raise as much commercial sponsorship through my diary as possible (please do check out my sponsors on the left of the page!). I am also appealing for your help, you can set up a monthly donation through paypal subscriptions on the right of this page or make a one off single donation, even just £1 will make a difference. Even if you cannot help financially you can help spread the word of my appeal to try and reach those that can as in the end in a world of billions, I need to find just 70 people that are able to give £10 a month to allow me to complete vet school.

What you get

Unlike many other charities where you never see where your money goes, I am going keep my diary throughout my entire time at vet school so you can always read about what I have been doing, see my latest photo’s and leave your comments. I make sure that every article that is published on my diary is based on accurate scientific knowledge and up to date – I hate how some lower quality websites even contain information that can kill an animal so will never do this!

Every penny that I receive in help will go directly to help needy animals when I qualify. In addition to my time I will give at least £1000 a year from my personal salary to animals that could not otherwise afford the treatment they need.

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In addition if you are a business or have a website (i.e. Pet Store/Pet Product Manufacturer/Vets Practice/Vet Equipment Supplier/Animal related business etc) I have an exclusive monthly sponsorship packages available for you for just £10/month. Click here to read about the package.

I hope that you enjoy following my adventure as I attempt to achieve my dream!

Chris Allen