• Posted on July 4, 2012 11:16 pm
    By Chris

    My biggest detterant to Vet School is the cost. The only viable entry route was as a postgrad after completing a Bachelors degree. Within the UK there is no government funding or loan systems for postgrad degree’s so I am having to find the money to pay for this myself.

    If I stayed in the UK the least it would cost me is around £70,000 at the RVC, and at other universities I would be looking at closer to £150,000. I have decided to go to Vet School in Slovakia which will cost me £40,000. It is still a lot of money, however it makes my dream a possiblity as it is £10,000 a year or £833.34 a month that I need to raise.

    I have no parental support so for the past four years of my undergrad degree I relied on Student Loans, and a part time job lifeguarding. I have managed to save some money from working and I am planning to work during holidays where possible. However even with this I am still short and need to find the money for fund my degree.

    Generally it breaks down as 7,500 euros for tuition, 1440 euros for accomodation and the rest for food and living costs. I am looking for help to cover these, and if you can take a moment to donate please use the button on the right to do so.

    Now thats out of the way, how do I plan on raising this money in the time I have? There are several methods I am using, I know that if I get enougn people talking about it on places like twitter and facebook then it’ll be easy.

    I’ve also started a “sponsor a day” scheme, where people can pick a date from my diary and sponsor it in return for a larger donation. I will be adding a line at the top saying Sponsored by etc and a paragraph about them with any links to their websites/twitter at the bottom.

    I’ve created pages on two fundraising sites so far, and plan to try and use the internet to reach out to as many people as I can. I’ve also started to try and get in touch with everyone I have worked with these past 4 years on various projects. I’ve even gone as far as creating a linkedin account here: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/chris-allen/54/5b3/840

    I’ve spent a good part of the day compiling a list of trusts and people that I will be writting to asking for sponsorship.

    I will also be adding documents to this website soon with a personal reference from my last tutor, and also my offer letter from the UVM to help those worried that I am a fraud.

    Once I get a few more posts I am going also start trying to get myself some media coverage as well, not just for myself but the cause of postgraduate funding as a whole as it is something that currently just doesn’t work.

    Now I really must sleep! Night all…

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