• Posted on July 15, 2012 11:27 pm
    By Chris

    First of all today has been really exciting, found out registration is on the 13th September, spoken to some of my future classmates on Facebook, visited my grandparents for the first time in 9 years (and probably the last for the next 4 years), and now I am visiting my big bro.

    Anyways I was asked the other day on twitter why I wanted to be a vet, being limited to 140 characters for my reply meant it was really short and concise. I’ve decided I should do a summary of what I think a vet really is…

    I think a vet needs a love of animals to show compassion and care towards them

    I hear a lot of people say that they want to be a vet as they don’t like people… In my opinion a vet needs to be a great people person and communicator to be a proper advocate for animals. A vet tends to be there when an animal needs a voice most whether that is to convince the poor owners that it is time to let fluffy go, or to explain why what they’ve read online is actually in fact wrong.

    An Educator
    Improving animal welfare starts with education, whether that is the proper care of an animal, the nutrition of that animal or just being able to explain what is wrong with the persons pet in plain english.

    An Advocate
    A vet is a voice for animals, and should take every opportunity they are given to improve animal welfare by speaking up. A vet should be confident in what they are saying, and able to deliver that message to make an impact.

    A Problem Solver
    A vet needs to be able to solve problems, whether that is through logical deduction, previous experience.

    A Conservationalist
    I believe that the best people to lead conservation are vets, during veterinary education ecology, plant biology, epidemiology and more form a large part of the veterinary curriculum. Vets therefore have a greater grounding in the big picture to consider the issues from a broader perspective.

    A Learner
    Veterinary knowledge is rapidly expanding, and after qualification it is the vets responsibility to ensure that they are up to date on current knowledge. A thirst for knowledge and hunger to learn is therefore essential for any vet

    Hopefully you have a little more understanding on just what a vet really is… It is not as well paid as people assume (nowhere near a doctors salary) and it is the love for the animals that keeps most vets in the job. Senior vets earn between £44,000 – £53,000 a year, the full breakdown is available on the UK’s official graduate website here: http://www.prospects.ac.uk/veterinary_surgeon_salary.htm

    Till tommorow…


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