• Posted on July 20, 2012 11:59 pm
    By Chris

    Well today I took some time out as I heard that the Gloucester Food Festival was on, I’m kinda bored of the beans on toast/tinned tomatoes on toast that I’ve been living of recently so headed out to treat myself. The fact the sun was out led me to gamble leaving my coat at home, and I arrived to find around 50 stalls (twice the size it was last year!) amazing smells of cheese, sausages and meats. I treated myself to a 10oz homemade beef burger with british beef which was absolutely fantastic with real fresh squeezed lemonade! I also took the chance to chat to some of the local farmers exhibiting about how the weather had impacted their businesses.

    Finding its way onto my twitter timeline this evening has been the book release “Death at Seaworld” which looks at how trainer Dawn Brancheau was killed in a marine park in Orlando Florida. The book is written by NYC reporter David Kirby who has gone behind the scenes interviewing former trainers and keepers to expose the emotional and psychological trauma that Killer Whales experience. This has included killer whales destroying the teeth on metal grates before having them removed by staff with powerdrills, calves being seperated from their mothers. It goes on to look at how a lack of safety protocols, and lack of formal training in recognising the precursor signs of an attack all lead to the killer whale being a misunderstood and abused animal. You can read more about the book on amazon here:

    [amazon_enhanced asin=”1250002028″ /]

    Ok, one of the ideas I’ve been toying with for the Vet School Diary is a weekly comic of highlights from the past week. Here is the first one ever (and yes my hair is constantly compared to a hedgehog or porcupine)!

    Vet School Diary Comic Week 1

    Vet School Diary Comic Week 1

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