• Posted on August 9, 2012 5:48 pm
    By Chris

    I respect the work that many community based charities do. This blog is merely my experiences, thoughts and opinions on the UK charity sector whilst explaining the reasons why I have chosen to start a online diary to help me raise the funds for Vet School. These are the reasons I believe you should sponsor me…

    Within the UK there are thousands of charities, all wanting your support and asking by Radio, TV, Leaflets, Chuggers, Newspapers, Magazines. In some cases it can take years for a charity to recover the cost of obtaining a single donor through one of these methods. For example with donations made via chuggers it often takes between 8 – 16 months just to break even – aka your money is paying the chugger rather than helping the charity (http://www.pfra.org.uk/face-to-face_fundraising/do_you_object_to_chuggers/money_doesnt_go_to_charity/).

    Street Fundraisers often get it wrong saying and doing whatever they need to for getting that person to sign up with some professional street fundraising companies taking it to the extreme. For example workers from Tag campaigns were telling people just 1p from a £5 donation went to administrative costs when in fact the entire £5 would not be actually be enough to break even (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9351593/Chugger-secrets-exposed-by-undercover-investigation.html). Personally in the past I have been approached by street fundraisers from Shelter, told my donation would go “x”,”y”,”z” yet when asking if I could specifiy it to just go to “y” been told “Oh that project has been stopped.”…

    The UK public donate to charities believing that their money is going to help and make a difference, yet with no way of seeing where that money actually goes. I believe strongly that you should be able to see where your money goes, and along with providing education on animal and conservation gives you the ability to see what your money has achieved.

    When I graduate you will know that you helped made it happen, in fact when I see my first patient you will know all about it, and have been crucial to making it happen. When I have a good day you’ll know, when its hard, sad, disappointing you’ll know too.

    Chris with a Blue Tongued Skink

    With a Blue Tongued Skink

    In fact it you are not just sponsoring me financially, you are also sponsoring me emotionally. After my parents kicked me out, and then the loss of my great great aunt I have basically been alone, with only my belief in myself getting me to where I am. Since I started my diary I have recieved so much support, so many kind words, and so many people wishing me well. It is truly humbling. Each and every person that has done this has given me more strength and drive to push myself further. Thank You to each and every one of you!

    I have one goal and that is becoming a vet, I live, eat and breathe this. I ask you now to help me get there, you can sponsor me on the right, and even if you can’t just sharing this with you facebook/twitter etc does really help!

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