• Posted on August 22, 2012 1:09 am
    By Chris

    I’m so far outta my comfort zone it’s untrue. I’ve done a radio & video interview for the BBC, appeared in the Pet Gazette, Gloucester Citizen, and something is lined up for The Veterinary Times. Sadly I am still a way from my goal however am hoping to get some coverage from the national papers as well before I leave on the 6th September.

    When I was younger I had delayed speech because of problems with my hearing. Which then led me into speech therapy for several years of my childhood including moving to a new school so I could have daily sessions for 2 years. Though it’s resolved now I still struggle sometimes to pronounce my h,w,r sounds. I am aware of it however I don’t have many options open to me for resolving it as I just don’t understand how. This drives me to avoid using certain words when speaking, or to try and make an extra big effort which can give the wrong impression.

    This past year I have been President of the UWESU Land and Animal Biology Society and I had to face my fears of public speaking and get over it. I pushed myself hard and made progress, and then actually spoke in front of over 1000 people at NUS National Conference 2012 which for me was a highlight of my year and a great way to end my time at UWE. For me to have the confidence to do Video and Radio interviews is just something new, though I did object when asked to talk to the animals. I’ve nothing against talking to animals generally, it was just the microphone that made me suddenly very self-conscious…

    Introducing a motion at UWESU AGM 2012

    Today I was thinking about how far out of my comfort zone I am, and then I realised I’d left it when I became President of a society last year. When I took the responsibility on of a failing society, and turned it into a runner up for Society of the Year. When I introduced 3 new policies at the AGM. Then I took the step of running for Student Union President just to see what it was like (Hartpury campus was rather neglected by the Student Union at that point in time) and put forward a Hartpury candidate for the first time. My comfort zone had been shattered by my experiences as a Society President, and yet today I sat here restricted because of my speech problem.

    I was planning to call as many companies as possible by phone today and ask if they were interested in sponsoring me. I called none. I hate to say it but cold-calling is something I can usually force myself to do, yet not something I am comfortable with. I am disappointed with myself that I failed to do this today, I managed to find tons to do instead to put it off. I have failed to keep to my own standards, and I can’t have that.

    One of the ideas I have been toying with is the video diary, which will form the basis of my highs & lows DVD which I be producing at the end of the year for my supporters. I was going start it the day before I left, however will be launching it tommorow instead. In addition I am also make them phone calls tommorow, and my goal is to raise £500 in sponsorship.

    Lets grind that comfort zone into dust! After all, if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got!

    15 Days left people! Are you excited? 🙂

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