• Posted on August 23, 2012 11:15 am
    By Chris

    Ok so sitting there at 2am trying to record the first ever episode of the Vet School Diary video diary didn’t work as well as I’d like… It kinda lacked sound 🙁 I guess lip reading is not a normal skill in today’s society so it kinda made it slightly pointless. I will be re-recording today to get it online this evening as my first ever Video diary with just 14 days to go!

    It seems technology has become the backbone of society, and without it society would crumble. When you think of how many records are computerised and what happened with Natwest/RBS recently it kinda makes you wonder if we’d survive.

    Anyways back to the video diary for a bit, basically its not rehearsed, planned or scripted in any way shape or form. I basically plan to record clips throughout the day as I am doing interesting stuff or have something interesting to say! At the end of the day I’ll put this clips together and upload it to youtube for all you wonderful people to watch! Like the diary I am going to try and keep it PG13 whilst also keeping it educational! 😀

    Anyways, stay tuned for the first episode soon! 🙂

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