• Posted on August 29, 2012 2:39 am
    By Chris

    I apologise for being so quite on twitter today, it has been completely packed with trying to get as much done as possible… I’ve been working my way through 4 years worth of paperwork. It’s a mountain! I’m trying to scan as many of my lecture notes as I can so I can have them with me to refer to over the next four years. I’ve also been making progress selling more stuff, today I sold my Encyclopedia of Microbiology competely by chance. I’ve also got my first monthly sponsor which really does help as it allows me to budget better.

    Today with a little prompting from one of my supporters I have taken the step of creating a newsletter for people that financially contributed to my vet school fund. This will be a monthly digest in addition to my daily diary, in addition I will be giving dates when I am in the UK for anyone wanting coffee. I’m not sure what happens with graduation, however I am going also be looking into organising at least one supporters party which you will also get an invitation to attend. It’s still in its infancy however it will also allow me to keep you informed of how I am Paying it Forward after graduation too. Everyone that has donated so far should have an email in the Inbox somewhere, get in touch if you’ve not 🙂

    Tommorow (well later today considering it is 2am) I am off to Liverpool to meet with a Veterinary CPD company to discuss if there is a possibility for me to do some work for them. I am definately crossing my fingers here as it’d be awesome to have a job before I go, in addition to talking about potential ways to moneytise my diary a little more. If you’ve not noticed pages now have adsense at the bottom, and on the right there are now spaces for businesses to advertise across the site. After Liverpool I am heading to see my half brother as I want to leave my photo albumns and stuff like my medal for finishing the Edinburgh Marathon there so its safe (and saves storage fee’s).

    I should have a couple of hours spare tommorow afternoon in Liverpool so will use this time to write the next part of my animal nutrition article series. I realise that I’ve ranted a bit the past couple of days, thats not the point of the diary, however I do believe that its important to speak up when you believe a message to be important. The point of my diary is to give you a unique inside look into the world of Veterinary Medicine, and to help you understand the science behind animals.

    With me personally its never been enough knowing something, I need to also know the why behind it. I believe that understanding is the way forward within veterinary medicine, to allow pet owners to make informed decisions regarding their pets care. This model is already widely in use within human medicine, and with pets now pretty much part of the family I believe the same (if not better) level of care should apply.

    Anyways I now have to get back to sorting stuff. I am hoping to be halfway tonight to make the next few days as stress free as possible.

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