• Posted on September 2, 2012 11:33 pm
    By Chris

    Well today I did a carboot sale with my lovely housemate, I did get rid of a considerable amount and ended £125 up. I had to buy a external harddrive as I ran out of room on my laptop whilst trying to back stuff up which cost £80, however this is somethign I can use right through the next 4 years. As I am dyslexic I do record all my lectures on a dictaphone which takes up most of the disk space.

    Carboot sale…

    The english weather was reasonable, however did on a few occasions threaten to pour down, whilst I got lucky a couple of other sellers got washed out. After getting back i got told I’d made the Veterinary Times this week, sadly this isn’t something I get so am trying to get a high quality scan of the article for the website if any of you can help 🙂

    Anyways I now have just 3 days left in to UK, so please excuse the short posts over the next few days, its not the norm, its the final push before I leave, so much to do and just so little time!

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