• Posted on September 3, 2012 11:59 pm
    By Chris

    Well tonight I went out with a few friends that I have made during my time at Uni, I’ve never been big on goodbyes so it was a first for me. My two friends Dushy and Tom travelled over an hour to get here which did mean a lot.

    Anyways today I wanted to just give you a quick thought, back when I was President of the Land and Animal Biology Society I was lucky enough to have Anthony Nanson give his time to do a talk on Storytelling and Ecology… From this I started along the thought lines that I wondered how storys impacted peoples views on animals through nurture (learnt behaviour). I realised that in fact a lot of endanged animals feature as villians in Disney films, take example Peter Pan with the Croc, Finding Nemo with the Shark, Jungle Book/Aladin with the Snake, Little Red Riding Hood with the Wolf and so on. Are we really supposed to be teaching our children that these animals are bad?

    Let me know what you think leaving a comment below…

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