• Posted on September 11, 2012 11:04 pm
    By Chris
    The view from my dorm room window

    I arrived yesterday afternoon (I will add some more to yesterdays post soon as I get a spare moment) and have been pretty much non-stop since then.

    This morning I woke early because of the sun on my face even with the blinds closed and when I looked out I realised just how beautiful a country I was in. This was my view this morning…

    The view from my dorm room window

    The view from my dorm room window

    Basically it put me in such a great mood for the entire day. I originally was not going decorate my room to save on costs, however I believe I will spend a lot time in here studying so took the decision to at least paint the walls as it looked like this…

    My dorm room before I decorated

    My dorm room before I decorated

    In order to keep the cost as low as possible I chose a medium shade of blue which would cover the old colours whilst still keeping the room light enough. Basically I wanted somewhere I would be happy to sit and study and actually want to come home to at the end of the day as I will be here for the next 4 years. I found my way to a local hardware store and in broken english with a lot of hand signals managed to get a pot of paint, brush, masking tape, and a roller with tray for 16 Euro (I need to work out how to get the Euro sign on my keyboard). I spent quite a few hours doing this through the day spread out among various things.

    I also went to the University campus with Chris who is a 3rd year who showed me and another girl on my course around a bit. To be honest I was pretty impressed at just how big the campus is and many different specialists we have on site. The main reason however was to register my laptop and ipod for internet, however the person needed was not there so we were told to come back later. After this I headed back and did a bit more painting, I also went to borrow some pliers from Nicky who is also on my course (and from Cheltenham) after slicing both my thumb and little finger on nails in the wall.

    I then was invited for pizza for dinner, pizza here is completely different to the UK as instead of little shreds of ham etc they use massive slices, and the dough is thinner however has more texture and is tougher.

    I went back to painting when loud music started from upstairs, next I know someone was shouting my room number out their window, and this Slovakian student invited me to come see him so I went upstairs for a bit. It was interesting as they had grapes from a vineyard which were completely different to UK grapes, and also tried some homemade alcohol which was really smooth and sweet. After this I ended up back down finishing the painting when the others got back from the bars they had been to.

    One of my coursemates had lost her room key (on her first night out), so we spent about 15 minutes trying to explain this to the security guard who doesn’t speak english. After he got the master set and finding that he did not have a key that fitted someone found her a spare bed.

    I returned to painting finishing my room at 5am! Considering it was only a day, it really was action packed!

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