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    By Chris
    Signpost to Europe Capitals

    Well I’ve now been in Slovakia for over 24 hours, waking up to my room painted was nice, though I still have to organise my furniture the way I want it. Today a lot of the international students arranged to meet up as a group and walk to town because we all wanted sim cards (and in my case a new handset as my blackberry had given up after 6 years). I spent 31 euros on the phone sim card and credit which will last me for the next four years. I did try surviving without a phone however it is essential for arranging stuff and also as it is used by tutors to update you if needed. I did spot a signpost to Europe outside the phone shop though…

    Signpost to Europe Capitals

    Signpost to Europe Capitals

    We stopped for lunch in town which is completely different to the UK as the main streets are lined with tables under sun umbrellas. We stopped in the information centre to find out about upcoming events going on and also get some free maps of the city to carry with us. There was also a bookshop we found with a room of English books, however all the veterinary books were in Slovak.

    We then headed to Tesco and I brought basics like paper, a kettle, plate, cutlery and a bowl as to stay within my budget I need to prepare every meal for myself. I still need to do a food shop however will do this tommorow. I also tried going into a bank to change some pound notes from selling stuff on Sunday in Euro’s. Over here in a bank apparently you need a Passport to do this which I didn’t have on me, however someone took pity on me and let me “borrow” their ID.

    The 4th years had their first exam today, and started celebrating it at 2pm, we joined them for a couple of hours at 6pm as it was a good opportunity to meet people. Basically its a really strong community here where everybody will help everybody, however the only way that anyone can help you is if they know you. Asking the other years for tips for studying here, the thing that was top of the list was making the effort to be social.

    Anyways, tommorow is registration so I really must sleep. Hopefully when I write tommorows diary I will officially be a vet student!!!

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