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    By Chris
    Histological section of the dogs auricle or ear

    Tonight I am exhausted so this won’t be very long, however today was my first day of Vet School, or in other words I AM OFFICIALLY A VET STUDENT!!! To be honest it’s still not entirely sunk in, however today sitting in Histology this morning it hit me that I had made it. Now I am here I need to work twice as hard to make sure I stay here as I’ve seen next years timetable and spare time for fundraising is pretty non-existant.

    My first ever lecture was Histology and Embryology; Histology is the study of tissues, and Embryology is the study of development so they go together pretty well. The lecture was a basic introduction followed by looking at different microscopes and section techniques. Today focused on the Light Microscope whilst next week we will be working with the Electron Microscope. The process of collecting the tissue sample, to actually mounting it on a slide ready for viewing is long and complex, however we went through the process for the Light Microscope before then examining some slides. Previously I have done similar however it was with supervisors who were not experts in histology, so their knowledge of what was being looked at was limited. Having a professor going around the lab and explaining the different structures actually opened up a previously frustrating subject for me. I’ve taken a few photo’s down the microscope with my ipod however I really do need to get a proper camera for this as it was difficult to focus and they are the best. Here is one of a dogs ear that I thought was particulary stunning…

    Histological section of the dogs auricle or ear

    Histological section of the dogs ear

    This was then followed by Physiology, for which we have been doubled up with students from year 2 of the 6 year programme. This is probably the biggest lecture size and we struggled to fit into the lecture theatre. Talking about class sizes, usually practical groups are between 8 – 10 people, so with 30 people on the course they have split us into 3 groups. There is however only timetabling for 2 practical sessions so it looks like my timetable will also be changing soon (hopefully it doesn’t get longer). I’ve heard rumours that the 6 year programme now has a 7:15am start on Mondays.

    This evening I then visited the Aquaterra club which is the universitys aquarium and reptile club based on the site of the dorms. I think the greatest eye opener was what I believe to be Piranhas, though I am not entirely sure as there was no one that spoke english to ask. We decided that as tempting as it may be to dip a finger in to find out that it wasn’t worth the sacrifice… The animal collection is rather large with several different snakes, terrapins, turtles, lizards, and spiders.

    Does the university have Piranhas?

    Does the university have Piranhas?

    With that I really do need to sleep, I’ve got a day full of Microbiology and Immunology tommorow! I am really super excited, however I do need your help to continue studying after christmas, if you can afford to donate a few pennies please do, if not then please take a few moments to share my website with you friends on twitter and facebook.

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