• Posted on September 20, 2012 10:34 pm
    By Chris
    Dog Skeleton

    Ok so for the first time since I arrived here in Slovakia I awoke to grey skies and rain, last night there was also thunder as well though I did not see any lightening. Anyways this morning I did rush out a little as I had a late night last night trying to get my head around Latin and get some Histology revision done.

    Now today started with an Anatomy lecture where we looked at basic terminology used for describing direction and location within the body. Anatomy here is taught all in latin so it also provided a chance to learn some more latin words. In addition the different body regions were also gone over which was pretty interesting. It was different actually taking something that had been discussed in theory previously and being shown it on models.

    Dog Skeleton

    This was followed by a Physiology practical where restraint of the dog was demonstrated, along with a basic introduction to the course and the credit modules. Along with human first aid as obviously working with animals can be high risk so injuries whilst not entirely expected do and will happen. We are working with a range of animals to practice restraint in next weeks lesson.

    Then it was back to Anatomy for a practical session, this was more revision of the body regions, and introduction to bones. And then a trip to the anatomy museum to put this knowledge into practice on the glass horse.

    Today was kinda weird as sitting there in anatomy I got the feeling that I needed to pinch myself to really make sure I wasn’t dreaming! I am in vet school, it’s still not sunk in! I honestly have to keep repeating it to myself that I am a vet student! If anyone reading this has been told they cannot be a vet, tell the person to come here as I have made it!

    I am a vet student, in just under 4 years now (if I can raise the money in addition to studying) I will be a vet! My dream is coming true, I literrally bounce out of bed at 7am ever single morning at the moment, to be in lecture at 8am, and then spend a lot of the evening studying… The amount of homework I already have is staggering, however I can and will make this as I have you guys all behind me!!!

    Thank you to everyone that has supported me, you are amazing and I seriously would not be here without you! In addition I also got a parcel of a years worth of contact lenses today from We Love Lenses who kindly donated them to help me get here!

    Contact Lenses Parcel

    My years worth of contact lenses kindly donated by http://www.welovelenses.com/ 

    I am trying to get an early night so will leave it here for tonight, over the weekend I am going try and finalise my fundraising plans for next semesters tuition!

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