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    By Chris
    Vet School Microbiology Warning Signs

    What a week, it feels like a month!!! This week has been a total high (even with the 6:30am starts!) and I am still on a total buzz. I have to keep reminding myself that I am actually here, apparently its not just me either as several classmates have commented that it feels like the best holiday ever! This week has been so good I don’t think I’ve had a single low, here are the moments that have stuck out in my mind.

    Last Sunday night passed with me so excited for my first ever lecture (even though it was Histology) that I could barely sleep. Meeting to be shown where the class was at 8am on a beautiful sunny day with a buzz in the air so strong you could practically see it. When I got into lecture and was taken through the process of sectioning and preparing tissue samples I realised that I had never actually done Histology before. It was no longer a vague look in the textbook to find out what it is I am looking at but a understanding of how I have actually got there. Knowing how and why the colours are different, and having someone able to explain exactly what I am looking at made Histology one of my new favourite subjects. I also arranged for a group of us to visit the aqua-terra club this evening.

    Vet School Histological Section of the dogs ear

    Tuesday was Microbiology, a subject that I’ve always struggled at as I did not do Biology A-Level however we started slow with an introduction to types of bacteria and replication. The practical session was on plate creation and innoculation. I made some new friends today with Tryggvi, Mickayla and Bonnie with plans to go Tesco to get stuff we needed. Anyways my degree results should have been online Thursday last week, checking today they finally made an appearance and I got a 2:1!!! Its still sinking in however Tryggvi, Mickayla and Bonnie celebrated with me with Pizza at Tesco (a massive pizza is like 4 euros here) and then we took an evening off watching The Inbetweeners!

    Vet School Microbiology Warning SignsThe highlight for Wednesday was the Slovak teacher singing to us in Slovak…. We also got our ISIC cards so officially became students (whooooop!).

    Vet School ISIC Student CardThursday was Anatomy where we started looking at Terminology before the planes of the body. I spent most of this day wondering if I was dreaming or if I had really made it to vet school whilst realising that I really did need to get down with the Latin Language.

    Vet School Animal SkeletonsFriday arrived and I was still buzzing, Genetics totally threw a curve as walking into the practical we were provided with a dead mouse and told to harvest the testes to examine Meiotic cell replication (the production of sperm). I’ve never done any mouse anatomy and the testes are in the abdomen so I was very pleased with my ability to find them. We then followed a special process to stain the cells for examination under the microscope! What a total high to end the week with my first dissection!

    Staining mouse testes in acetic orein to examine Meiotic divisionWeek one of Vet School complete! I actually want the weekend to be over to be in Histology again as next week we are doing Electron Microscopy!

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