• Posted on September 26, 2012 7:11 pm
    By Chris
    My view in the morning...

    So this morning when I woke up to this view and realised that I was really here in Slovakia at Vet School it instantly put a smile onto my face.

    My view in the morning...

    Ok so today was a day of Milk hygiene followed by languages. Milk Hygiene looked at the components of milk (i.e. fat, protein) and how this is managed which was pretty interesting.

    Languages was where it got interesting as I could not remember which group I was supposed to be in and both groups wanted me so I was an easy catch for the first group which had Slovak first.

    This week we started looking at how to count (something I had always taken for granted) and which is going be something I am going have to spend a while in my own time practicing. The only number the same in both Slovak and English is million…

    Anyways after the disaster of Latin last week, and several hours of self study and going over stuff with friends leaving me less confused and feeling more confident I went to Latin. Going over the homework I had only made a couple of mistakes in my translations (yay!) and so we started looking at Declension 2. Now when I understand something I am fine so after the lecturer explained it once (and thanks to understanding the previous basics) I was fine. For some reason the lecturer then explained it again a different way, and then again another way, and then again, and again, and again. You could look around and see the initially confident faces becoming more and more confused… I decided that it would be more beneficial for me to get on with the next exercises so I started these answering a question that I was asked correctly and trying not to caught in the whirldwind of confusion that was sweeping the class.

    I will confess initially I got totally lost in the first lecture, English is now apparently one of the easiest languages to learn as the genders and cases from other languages have been replaced by their own words. Latin for example does not have the word “of the” instead the ending of a word is changed to represent that it belongs to the object.

    So the words fractura (fracture) and scapula (shoulder blade) would go together as fractura scapulae with the “a” on the scapula changing to ae to read as “Fracture of the shoulder blade”.

    It gets a bit more complicated than this when you start adding left or right shoulder blade into the mix however I am getting more comfortable with it and in fact might even be learning it faster than Slovak!

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