• Posted on October 3, 2012 11:17 pm
    By Chris

    Milk Hygiene this morning was cancelled as the lecturer was out on a trip with the Slovakian students so i got an extra hour in bed (yay!). The rest of the day was then devoted to languages and self study revision for anatomy.

    I am at the point now of where I am starting to hate just how simple English really is. It is one of the few languages where there is no Gender, Cases or declensions and the only case where the ending changes is with tense (past, present, future). It feels like a disadvantage as a lot of other languages have different genders in their language in addition to different structure.

    With Slovak I am doing reasonably well as I am only learning to talk it and not to write it at the moment which is ok. Shopping is definately getting easier and in this weeks lesson it was suggested that we should do a class trip to town to practice which I think is pretty cool.

    In terms of Latin, it is at the point where it is getting confusing again, the biggest problem is with the different declensions. I wish I understood just what they meant however I don’t and it seems no one can explain it which does kinda suck. I can work stuff out pretty well half the time, however I cannot justify or explain what I have done which I don’t like as it indicates that I really don’t understand it and most probably am just getting lucky. I am planning to spend a good few hours this weekend reading through and trying to understand it better!

    This evening was once again spent in anatomy self study, for some reason the flintstones theme tune pops into my head during this session.


    The Scapula and Radius-Ulna

    The biggest point here is with the differences between species of animals its not enough to just learn the bone from one species you need to know them all. For example the scapula (shoulder blade) is different in Horses, Ox, Pigs, Ruminants and the Dog and Cat so thats 6 different sets of information that needs to be learnt.

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