• Posted on October 4, 2012 10:15 pm
    By Chris

    Ok this morning I was pretty sure that my Anatomy credit test today was not going to go well. Every free moment I had today went to trying to cram more and more into my brain and I’d spent a good part of the night going over stuff too.

    Anyways before I get too sidetracked lets take a quick look at todays physiology practical which as promised last week was my first ever attempt to take a blood sample from a rabbit. I’ve got some video which I do need to edit before I put it online for you as it does have other people in etc. It was definately an experience that I am never going forget, and totally nervous as the ear is so thin, and if the rabbit moves it knocks the needle out etc.

    Onto Anatomy now, today I decided to go last and found myself a quite corner of the corridor to revise in. People coming out seemed to be rather shaken this week, however I found it ok this week and I got an A!!! I was dancing with joy, the only downside is next weeks test is on the Pelvic limb which means another 200+ names to learn and memorise!

    Anyways I promise I will get the video online within the next week and will let you know when I do! 🙂

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