• Posted on October 6, 2012 9:35 pm
    By Chris

    Today I came across the update the Pedegree Dogs Exposed Revisted episode. Previously the initial hard hitting BBC Documentary forced the suspension of TV coverage of the Crufts dog show. It is distressing to watch, however it is very educational and something that I would recommend every vet student or person involved in the animal industry watch.

    The original report What? Pedigree Dogs Exposed BBC Documentary which highlighted serious problems in 2008 caused suspension of TV coverage of the Crufts dog show.

    [youtube_sc url=”xPmKIgMoUPc”]

    The followup to the original documentary What? Pedigree Dogs Exposed 3 Years On looks at the changes since the initial documentary aired in 2008.

    [youtube_sc url=”opvvhTWqS6U”]

    Has it been enough? What more should be done? Leave a comment and share your views below!

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