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    By Chris
    White Night Live Music

    Ok so last night I went to town with a group of friends as they had the Biela Noc (or White Night) festival in town which has different art exhibits based around light. This festival is on every year however as it was my first time here some of my Slovak friends wanted to show me around. It had 38 different exhibits spread across the city, and I’ve never seen so many people in one place before! We couldn’t make some of the exhibits simply due to the crowds, however here is the opening ceremony…

    Kosice White Night Opening Ceremony

    The opening ceremony at Hotel Jasmin for Biela Noc 2012

    It was obviously more impressive in person with things like this massive winking face projected onto a massive wall.

    Massive Winking Face on WallOr walking through a tunnel with swimming tadpoles projected onto the ceiling like you are walking under a pond….

    Fish Projected Onto CeilingProbably the most impressive exhibit was the projection of a 3D video showing the history of the tower Urbanova veza onto the tower itself. This was so impressive I recorded it for you to watch here 🙂

    [youtube_sc url=”RmXNbNoRjVU”]

    We also found a candle exhibit with both sides of the streets lined with candles and live music as well which was really nice!

    White Night Live Music

    Live Music in the street!


    Posing with some of the candles, this went on for the entire length of the street on both sides!

    We then came across a hot air balloon in town on the way home…

    hot air balloonNext year Kosice is the European Capital of Culture, I am going try and organise a weekend party for any of my supporters that want to come! However I really am so grateful for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful country and hope that I raise the money I need to stay here!

    However that was last night, today I just played a little basketball this morning to keep active, I kinda wish I had some scales here as I am pretty sure I’ve lost weight… Either that or the washing machine here has managed to stretch my clothes 😀 Anyways it seems at the moment that I can barely go a single day without having moments where things just click into place. My Slovak is definately getting better and I’ve started to get more confident when shopping now I know my numbers which is pretty awesome.

    Back to studying now for Histology tommorow….

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