• Posted on October 11, 2012 10:11 pm
    By Chris

    Ok so today I was in my own little world, I don’t know how I got there however seems my brain was in anatomy overdrive. I actually managed to miss Physiology somehow which is just aweful, luckily it was on blood testing which I covered in my previous degree and have very good notes for.

    Anyways Anatomy… Well todays test was on the Pelvic Limb, these tests are interesting as basically you walk into the dissection room alone with loads of different bones laid out across the table. Now I started fine with the Ossis ischii which is the lower part of the hip bones closest to the acetabulum which is where the femur (thigh bone) connects to the hip. The next part of my test was to discribe the Femur which went ok though I did actually ask my own question as the name for the fossa trochanterica differed in the two different books I was using so wasn’t 100% sure which was correct. I then did the Tibia ok which was from a Ox as unlike in humans the Fibia in these animals is not developed.

    I then got given a Talus bone which is part of the Tarsal (ankle/hock) joint, somehow I managed to rename it to the Calus (possibly because it sits next to the calcaneus) and then was thrown by the question of what animal it came from. This was something hidden deep in the text of the books which I had no revised however there is an extra surface projection for the fibia bone in carnivores, pigs and humans (or the malleolar bone in the ruminants) which does not exist in the horse. The Talus I had been given I know now is from the Ox because it had this. So today I ended up with a B, and a failure in my attempt to rename bones to my own liking… 😀

    The rest of the practical we looked at the Vertebrae and ribs which is pretty cool as the are true and oblique ribs with just the true ribs actually joining with the thoracic vertebrae. Hopefully next week I should be back to my A 🙂

    We had originally planned to go out as group tonight, however people were too tired so the original plan got cancelled. I was however looking forward to some decent food (I’ve been living on baguettes as they’re so easy) so went looking for someone to come to dinner with me. I found someone which was pretty cool and ended up having Spaghetti Bolognaise, with a beer to drink (its cheaper and bigger than soft drinks here), and fruit pancakes for dessert for the massive price of 9 euros. I did actually feel so much better after it as well 🙂

    Anyways, time to sleep as I am pretty exhausted.

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