• Posted on October 12, 2012 9:12 pm
    By Chris
    Post Mortem Bone Marrow Collection

    Its the end of my 4th week of Vet School already! Time is flying by which is kind of Scary as I am still a long way from having tuition for next semester in February and its under 4 months away now! I’ve made plans to revamp my money raising stragety this weekend and am toying with a few ideas.

    The lecture this morning overran into the time allocated for our Milk Hygiene practical which was a little sad. Today was on the microbiology of milk which is a little scary when you start to think how much milk is actually used in different ways and then just how many bacteria it is susceptable to.

    Onto Genetics practical, this week we are looking at the chromosome and karyotyping, this practical session was on the examination of these from the bone marrow.

    Post Mortem Bone Marrow CollectionThere are two ways to collect bone marrow depending on the species, today was on the post mortem collection and was from the femur of a mouse. This type of animal is too small to allow for collection of bone marrow in any other way and so after euthanasia the femur was removed, and the marrow cavity exposed. This was then rinsed out to collect the cells of the bone marrow which were then centrifuged and the supernatant removed to leave just the cells in the tube before staining solution was applied. This does have to be left for some time so we are coming back to examine these at another time. I will also write an entire post on the Chromosome at somepoint in the next week or so as we are looking at this over the entire next few weeks.

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