• Posted on October 13, 2012 7:15 pm
    By Chris

    Ok so this morning I did quite a bit of revision, and was then invited to go out for a walk around town, being such a nice day I decided to say yes and headed out. Even though I have been here quite a few weeks now there are still places in town that I have not explored including quite a few big shopping centers around the edge of town.

    Today we started in the center of town after walking in (town is maybe a 30 minute walk from the dorms) and started looking in different shops. Its amazing how big town here really is as the main street goes on for what feels at least a mile! We found a shop that just sells chocolates and I just had to get some pictures for you 🙂

    chocolate-footballs-bears-kosice And then there were these cool animals including cows made completely from chocolates!

    Chocolate AnimalsAnyways we got to the end of town and found these paw prints painted on the pavement so being animal lovers decided to follow them…

    Paw PrintsThese seemed to lead to the steel arena which is where they have the ice hockey so we assume they were from the teams mascot…

    Steel Arena Ice HockeyAnyways we then carried on walking outta town until we got the Galleria shopping center where we explored all 5 stores (I got a new shirt for 1.99 Euros which I think was awesome and some flipflops for the shower for 1 euro). I guess its like England in that it depends where you look as to the prices as some shops are more expensive than others. In general though food here is a lot cheaper than the UK, though there are more independant supermarkets remaining than in the UK which I absolutely love (though town has 2 Tescos).

    My ankle has been pretty sore today so I am wondering if I should take a day off walking to give it time to rest and heal. Anyways I’ve got to get back to revision now so will update you again tommorow!

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