• Posted on October 17, 2012 9:08 pm
    By Chris

    Ok, todays diary entry is going be short and sweet as I need to hit the books as I have two credit tests tommorow both for Physiology and for Anatomy. Tommorow’s anatomy is on the Spine and Thorax (chest) and the physiology is all about blood.

    Today was probably one of my worst days of the week as I struggle with languages. With Slovak I learn very little generally as the class is so big that each person on gets a few minutes to speak, the rest of the time is spent listening. I am honestly learning more from my Slovak friends which is pretty cool 🙂

    As for Latin, I am reading up on it in my spare time. I do not really follow the logic of it as its so different to English however I have found a website where I am doing extra lessons on it which takes the time to explain it better and eases you into it more slowly. You can check it out here http://www.gutenberg.org/files/18251/18251-h/files/LatinBegin1.html. I guess I may have to for the short term revert to just memorising lists of words rather than actually understand the logic and fine detail which I hate to do. As hard as it is I will learn it eventually, I just seem to lack time at the moment with everything else piling up!

    Anyways back to revision!

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