• Posted on October 18, 2012 6:27 pm
    By Chris
    Anatomy practical learning the skull

    Ok, so this morning I was a little bit nervous, I have two credit tests today which is a first for me and even worse it is my first ever test for physiology so I have no clue what the questions will be like. Anyways today starts with the anatomy lecture which today was on the different parts of the skull, by the end of this I was starting to get a headache.

    We then had Physiology which was based on the heart and cardiovascular rhythm regulation. This originally used to be taught many years ago by a practical with a frog, however because of the welfare implications the EU regulated for it under animal welfare as illegal. I agree with this as there are alternatives available as demonstrated today we used videos to learn the theory behind this instead. To be honest its kinda interesting how different drugs have different effects on it, and even more so how much redundancy is built into the heart.

    After a break it was time for the test, now this was interesting as we had been told that it was just stuff that had been in our practical sessions however I recognised several questions to be based on stuff from the lectures as well. I took my time to write my answers clearly though I was not sure whether it was short answers or long answers that they wanted. Anyways hopefully I should find out soon.

    Moving onto Anatomy it was time for my test on the spine and thorax, I was going well until I got to the sternum, I got the species correct and then my mind went blank when I was asked why it was the horse and not the Ox. Now I can recognise it on sight however they both have the same number of sternae, the only difference is the shape and trying to think of the word I had a total mind freeze. However I still ended up with a B which isn’t too bad… Anyways onto the practical session, this week we started looking at the skull, for anyone thats ever imagined anatomy, this is what it really looks like…

    Anatomy practical learning the skullTo be honest I am already nervous about next weeks test, the skull is actually composed of multiple different bones all fused together and there are both the outside and inside to learn in addition to all the different channels, cavitities and openings.

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