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    By Chris
    Horse blood smear with erythrocytes

    Start of my 6th week in vet school (only 7 more weeks left in this semester), this week is just 4 days as Friday is our Matriculation Ceremony where we official become students of the school and are presented with an official certificate to say that we are officially students. Its a formal ceremony so hopefully should have some photo’s for you showing just how well I can scrub up when I need to (saying that my suit needs drycleaning…)!

    Anyways this morning was Histology, we’ve now moved onto blood cells and spent it discussing the production and identification of the different types of cells within the blood and the differences between the species. The practical session this was put into practice and we had the chance to look at the different smears. The biggest difference between mammals and birds is that the red blood cells (erythrocytes) don’t have a nucleus in mammals but do in birds.

    Horse blood smear with erythrocytes

    Horse (mammal) blood smear with no nucleus in red blood cells

    And then you have an avian blood smear with the nucleus in red blood cells and also having a oval shaped rather than the round shape.

    Avian Blood Smear with erythrocytes

    Avian Blood Smear with oval shaped erythrocytes with a nucleus

    There are many other cell types within the blood which we also looked at. Anyways after this it was time for Physiology where we looked at blood vessels along with blood pressure and the lymphatic system which takes care of the leaky plumbing within the body. The biggest of these vessels with the vena cava vein is up to 3cm diameter and the aorta is 2.5cm diameter… The shocking number however is that the cross sectional area of the capilary system within the body is around 2500 square cm’s! Now thats a lot of space!!!

    Anyways, back to revision as I have my first microbiology credit test tommorow!

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