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    By Chris
    Microbiology antimicrobials zone of inhibition

    My day of Microbiology, and my first ever Microbiology test, I am slightly nervous as every professor has their own way of doing tests and so far it’s been pretty different in each case. We’ve been told that it is multiple choice however are not sure just what is going be in it as we have covered a ton of materials even in 5 weeks! It’s slightly daunting to think that this is just the start and they are warming us up slowly, I can now understand why people say that year 2 is the one that makes or breaks you.

    Anyways after lecture we headed up to the microbiology lab, and walking in were separated around the room, and given a paper with 10 questions, 8 multiple choice and 2 short answer questions.  Here’s a couple of the questions from memory for you to try at home (you are free to ask Dr Google for help :))…

    Q) Which type of microorganism is the Ziehl-Neelson staining method used for?
    a) Mycobacterium
    b) Brucella
    c) Bacillus

    Q) Describe the appearance of the R form of microorganism growth on solid agar.

    Ok so feel free to free to leave your answer in a comment and I will follow up with my answers in a week or so. I managed to get 7 out of 10 correct (there were the typical MCQ trick questions) so ended up with my first C, not the best however it doesn’t count towards my final grade so with some work I am hopeful I can move it up to a B or even a A. I am definitely finding the understanding of why something works the way it does makes it so much interesting rather than just knowing that a certain test does x when y happens.

    Anyways onto the practical, today was on antimicrobials and measuring their effectiveness. The most basic method of this is applying small paper discs soaked in the antimicrobial agent to a plate cultured with a bacteria and seeing if it grows around the disc or not. The bigger the area with no growth the more effective the microbial agent is, here’s my plate and I will show you the result next week.

    Microbiology antimicrobials zone of inhibition

    Testing different antimicrobial agents

    Now Tuesday afternoon is my free time so I attempted to head to the library to get some studying in however they have some kind of book fair on and told me it was closed when I tried going in so I decided to head home and get some more Latin done.

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