• Posted on October 24, 2012 8:50 pm
    By Chris
    Tiling my sink

    Today has been long, our first lecture Milk Hygiene has now been moved to 7:30am meaning that I have to now be up before sunrise. This morning had a beautiful red sky, and surprisingly failed to rain which is normally the case (at least in England!).

    Anyways we then had latin and Slovak Language, we were surprised today as they reorganised stuff without telling us putting both the practical groups together for Latin, and then taking us to town for Slovak which was cool. Hopefully I will get some of my Slovak friends to spend a couple of hours this weekend going over words with me as my pronunciation is dreadful however my knowledge is getting better.

    I also managed to get some laundry done today when I woke up and realised that I was down to my last clean set of clothes (still don’t know how that happened…) anyways it gave me a break from studying and I also decided to tile my sink area this afternoon at the same time as I keep splashing it and making the paint run. One of the other English guys here had done it for under 2 euros so I managed to beat that and do it for just 1.70 euros which is pretty cool. It’s made my room look a little nicer and the amount of time I am spending in here at the moment studying is crazy so every little helps improve the learning environment.

    Tiling my sink

    I am pretty pleased with the result as it’s the first tiling I’ve ever done, I’ve gotta touch up the paint around the edges and I also want to go round the edges with some silicone. I then headed into self-study to play guess the name with some skulls, followed by a game of guess the species. It’s slightly worrying just how difficult that is to do with skulls from animals of different sizes, and in the end we actually resorted to looking at the teeth. Now talking teeth did I mention that the teeth in these skulls after they have been cleaned of all organic matter actually rattle in their sockets? A few actually were so loose they fell out which was pretty interesting as its interesting how the roots are different to human teeth. Another thing I noticed is that the canine (dog) canine tooth is absolutely massive in relation to the size of the bone, in the skull I had at least it came a good part of the way to the top of the nose!

    I’ve got to get back to studying now as the credit test tomorrow on the skull is simply going suck! Earlier this evening the internet stopped working across the entire dormitory (and rumours say campus too) so it’s been kind of weird without facebook or twitter. I have written this in word ready to copy and post for you guys so I hope you enjoy, it is looking like and all nighter for me tonight with the skull to finish learning for anatomy tomorrow.

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