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    By Chris
    UVM Kosice Equestrian Center Jumping Practice Arena

    Today has been very long however I am now relaxed and ready for the next 4 days full of studying and revising.

    This morning started by applying for my Residency permit which is required if you are staying in Slovakia for more than 90 days. You have to apply at the police station in person and they take your photo and fingerprints to go on file. The pleasure of this started last night when we were trying to get the required 4 Euro duty stamp from the post office (posta) as we had no clue what we were buying and they look pretty similar to normal stamps.

    The next excitement came when we tried to find the Police station, we got the tram ok and got to the right place. Then I had a little accident which involved me getting hit by a tram, I was very lucky as it missed me head by only about 2 inches which would suck… Basically the tram body extends outwards wider than the actual rails, and then when there is a bend the corner of the tram extends outwards from the rails even more considerably. Now this was what got me, I’d stood back from the rails on the markings for the crossing across the road (which are the same as a English Zebra Crossing) without realising there was a bend. Now I was holding a book at my side in my hand, and the tram hit my arm and shoulder (yes it hurt!!!) and made my hand bleed. One of the first lessons we learn here is that trams do not stop for anyone or anything they hit so yeah, definately a practical lesson I won’t forget in a hurry.

    Anyways back to the police station, we had a staff member from the foreign office meeting us at the police station to translate as they did not speak English well. It went ok, with them letting us all leave again afterwards, we do have to pick up our Citizen ID Cards when the call us though. Whilst being a citizen does not give us state benefits (unlike the UK) it does mean that bank accounts and renting privately is easier, and also gives a reduced cost for medicines.

    UVM Kosice Equestrian Center Jumping Practice Arena

    The training arena with jumps

    After this a couple of us went with the staff member to visit the university equestrian center which is located on the edge of town. Now there are about 60 horses here, 12 of which belong to the university, the rest are owned privately and include the Police Equine Team as well which is pretty  cool. The center has an indoor arean, a large covered outdoor arena, a eventing arena and a practice jumping arena as well which is pretty cool. In addition there are also trails from the center out to different areas which is pretty cool as there are some mountain trails too!

    UVM Kosice Equestrian Center Main Arena

    The main eventing arena

    Now I’ve got riding lessons as part of my curriculum next semester which will be held here, to be honest I think every vet should understand at least the basics of riding to understand the movement of the horse.

    I have always liked theatre and live music, and here it really is cheap, I got a ticket to see Nabucco for just 3 euros, it was the cheapest ticket yet the seats were on the top balcony right in the center with an awesome view. The actual opera was in Italian, with Slovak subtitles, however the music and atmosphere was what I went for and did not disappoint! With a little help from wikipedia I even managed to follow the story as well! The opera house looked absolutely beautiful as well!

    The Opera House in Kosice Slovakia with Orchestra

    The Opera House in Kosice, Slovakia

    Anyways, time to grab some sleep before our 4 day revision marathon!

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