• Posted on November 7, 2012 10:28 pm
    By Chris
    Slovak Language Lessons

    Another Wednesday, with the final anatomy exam for the skull tommorow this is definately going to be a long day after a very long night of Latin.

    Slovak Language Lessons

    Some of what we covered in grammar today…

    One of my pet peeves here is that lecturers will change classes around without telling anyone until we get there (like they did with the Slovak trip to town 2 weeks ago). Today our Latin professor decided to change the timetable so everyone had Latin at the same time for her credit test, which meant that Slovak became just a 40 minute session instead of the usual 95 minute session we normally have whilst doubling the number of people in the class. Hopefully though I did manage to pass Latin, however I will not find this out until next Wednesday, rumour has it that quite a few people are failing…

    Its now getting dark here at around 4pm, and we headed Tesco this evening to get some shopping in. I was extremely shocked and suprised to find that the Christmas Tree was up already in addition to in store seasonal promotions. To be honest I am no scrooge, however I really am starting to hate how commercialised Christmas is actually becoming as companies fight for your money. Kinda sad really that something that should be about being with friends and family has become so… I can’t even think of a word to go here…

    Tesco's early delivery of Christmas to SlovakiaMy Christmas this year I will pet sitting for a friend on my course to allow her to go home to visit her family. It’s going be interesting as one of dogs is being rehabilitated after having spinal surgery so has no use of his back legs at the moment. Definately a learning experience.

    Anyways I really must get back to skull now so I will love you and leave you…

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