• Posted on December 5, 2012 10:51 pm
    By Chris
    Christmas Lights tuned on at Hlavna in Kosice Slovakia

    Something that still strikes me about Slovakia is the different culture, people are so happy here and this evening I went to see the lighting of the Christmas lights in town. The entire main street (Hlavna) has been transformed into a Christmas market, there are then more smaller markets scattered around the different squares in town. Something very popular here is hot wine with cloves and cinnamon which is available in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

    Anyways this afternoon started with a trip to town to get some textbooks that are not available to buy printed up from old scans. These books are pretty much essential as they have the latin names for all the anatomy that I need to learn for my final exams in the next month. I then made a trip to the police station to pick up my residency permit which was interesting as my Slovak still isn’t great however I was lucky to have one of the staff from the Foreign office to translate. Now I am until 2017 officially a resident of Slovakia (YAY!) with a shiney new card to prove it 🙂

    I then went to get an haircut which was an experience, the person cutting my hair could not speak english, shaver grades are measured in millimeters here instead of the numbered grade that is used back in the UK. With a little help from Google Translate I did leave looking semi-respectable again and with much colder ears than previously!

    Christmas Lights tuned on at Hlavna in Kosice Slovakia

    Christmas lights being turned on

    Now this evening the Christmas lights in town both on the Christmas tree and on the lamposts were all turned on. In addition there was also a free rock concert which I believe is also staying for the next few days as well! Anyways after a good evening I need to get back to learning my anatomy for tommorow, its the Abdominal and the Respiratory muscles this week in addition to the diaphragm.

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