• Posted on December 12, 2012 7:50 pm
    By Chris
    It really is cold when fast flowing water freezes

    You really can tell winter is here, there’s been snow on the ground for the past week or so now and the temperature is generally in the minus figures. Its beautiful, yet just shows me how I need to get some proper winter boots instead of my trainers and maybe a winter coat. We think its cold, however we’ve been warned that this is just the start and that it is expected to get so much colder before it gets warmer again. The fast flowing water on the way to uni (I think its a storm drain or something) has been frozen for the past few days…

    It really is cold when fast flowing water freezesToday is my last day of Slovak Language, and the day of the exam, I am a little bit nervous as I have never been good at written exams due to my dyslexia and especially when I am getting marked on my spelling. Todays exam however went ok with filling in the missing pronouns into sentances in Slovak, the most difficult part was the possesive pronouns.

    Similarily to Latin the Slovak language also uses gender with its words, with different words and endings depending on if you are talking about a male, female or in general. This part of the test meant reading the sentance to work out which it should be and then putting the correct word.

    The test then finished with the translation of some english words into Slovak which was kind of interesting. Ever since my previous failure of a language experience in the clinic I have been making as much effort as possible to learn as many words as I can especially related to animals. I am getting there slowly and surely and this module has been a great introduction for me.

    Todays test score was around 95% meaning that I achience an A in this test! Whoooop! Now back to revision for Anatomy tommorow…

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