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    By Chris
    Giving a stray kitten a bath to wash the dirt of her

    This year has been an amazing year for me, and I am scared (still need to raise £2000 to continue studying next semester) yet excited for I am closer to becoming a vet. One of the highlights of this year was achieving a upper second class degree with honours in BioVeterinary Science, and since my arrival in Slovakia keeping my grades at the A-C level.

    Just a few short months ago I packed everything I owned into bags, got on a plane and left the UK for hopefully the next 4 years. It feels like only yesterday yet so much has happened, I’ve learnt so much, and experienced so many new things.

    I knew Slovakia would be different, however did not realise how much! The people I have met have been amazing – though if you do not understand them they have the idea shouting louder will help – and it is definitely a very beautiful country. We had our first snow nearly a month ago, and it is now here to stay until spring. I’ve never experienced such cold before, and it is apparently going get a lot colder before it starts getting warmer!

    First snow at vet school in Slovakia

    The first snow here in Slovakia!

    Vet school started as I believe it intends to continue, it is really intense in the amount that you need to learn. Since September I’ve learnt every part of every bone, joint, muscle and ligament in the horse, cow, sheep, pig, dog and cat! It’s amazing how similar they are yet at the same time how small differences can completely change the way they work. I know more about milk then anyone should, have collected bone marrow from the pelvic bone of a cow, blood from a chicken and urine from a cat.

    My first bone marrow collection sample in vet school!

    My first bone marrow collection sample!

    I’ve also taken the time to try and learn the culture, and have been theatre (which costs just 3 euros!), on a road trip to Poland and have plans to visit the mountains in a couple of weeks’ time between exams.

    Giving a stray kitten a bath to wash the dirt of her

    Giving the kitten a bath to wash the dirt of her

    I also had my first “patient” in the form of this very cute 6 week old kitten that ran onto a friend’s shoe. After deworming, flea treatment and antibiotics she has had Christmas with her new forever family.

    Hopefully I will raise enough for my tuition over the next month to allow me to continue following my dream and studying here! If you can help at all it is very much appreciated, and to all those that have helped already, thank you! It means the world to me being able to do something everyday where I am making a difference!!!


    Chris x

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