• Posted on January 3, 2013 5:37 pm
    By Chris

    Its common knowledge that vet school is not easy, in addition to lectures, practicals and revision I also have the added burden of needing to self-fund. Monthly sponsors reduce this burden by allowing me to budget appropiately and know exactly how much I still need to raise. If you do not know me check my supporting evidence here.

    1. I am passionate about animals and being able to make a difference. Something I truly believe is that I can make a difference every single day as I fall asleep studying and spring out of bed in the morning ready to learn. It is my dream and I am responsible for making it happen, I want to spend 100% of my time studying and working with animals instead of writting emails asking for sponsorship.
    2. I am paying it forward. I have a passion for wildlife and plan to give me time to local wildlife rescues when I graduate. One of my most memorable experiences in practice so far was observing hedgehog surgery after a dog attack. I will in addition to my time also give a minimum of £1000 from my salary each year to consumables (bandages/syringes/suture) to help animals that wouldn’t otherwise get it.
    3. I am smart, with A-C grades (70%+) this past semester. In the UK a First Class honours degree requires an average grade of just 70%. Here in Slovakia 70% is at most a C grade and in some cases a D grade. I will push myself to my limits because that way I know I have done my best.
    4. I am a strong voice and leader. I fight for what I believe in. In 2011 – 2012 I was President of a student society growing it to 98 members. I arranged for 40 to become qualified Marine Mammal Medics to rescue Marine Mammals in strandings around the UK. I introduced new policy for the use of sustainable palm oil within the university and was elected to represent 30,000 students on a national stage at NUS National Conference 2012 where I addressed the conference floor 4 times.
    5. I am in Vet School! I grew up in East London, suffered from delayed speech, had 3+ years of speech therapy including 2 years at a special school with daily sessions. Was pushed to study computer science because that was what I was good at even though it depressed me. My parents kicked me out at 18, and I lost my Great Great Aunt who took me in to heart failure in 2010 and through this I still achieved a 2:1 degree in BioVeterinary Science. I got accepted into Vet School and moved by myself to Slovakia.
    6. I believe conservation will be achieved through education. I believe vets are uniquely placed to lead conservation with a broad education of how different ecosystems interact. I like to educate and am passionate about how by working in harmony with animals we can improve the planet for future generations.

    To sponsor me pick an amount and click subscribe on the right of this page to securely set up a payment via paypal, if you want to do direct debit contact me for instructions.

    Sponsorship is my last resort, I am applying for as many grants as I can however these are extremely competitive and do take time to come through. I hope that you consider sponsoring me even £1 a month does make a difference and it will all be paid forward.

    Here’s to finding the most amazing people in the world!

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