• Posted on January 10, 2013 11:58 pm
    By Chris
    Yummy or not - Pet Social Network

    Today’s Diary Entry is sponsored by Yummy Pets – The Social Petwork

    Recently there was an incident at a practice which caused a lot of debate within the profession where a mouse was referred to as “just a mouse” after being accidentally killed. It may only be a mouse, however to a child a mouse can be a best friend, in fact I know grown adults that absolutely love their mice. This brings me to today’s diary entry, I know many of you consider your pets to be part of your family, losing them can be devastating, and in the case of Phoebe can be the focus of a nationwide pet hunt! So just what is the fascination of pets and social networking?

    In the past I remember all the “pet” accounts on Facebook, and then Facebook deleting them for not being real humans. A lot of these people have moved onto Twitter, which is pretty interesting as I wonder if the same thing will happen here. Personally I find that pets having a social account is a great way for owners to spend time with them, and is actually good in that it gives a support system and ability to share common problems. In addition it does give me cute pictures to look at when I feel myself getting distanced from the reason I am studying veterinary medicine from all the cells & tissues I have to learn about.

    Recently I have come across Yummypets which takes it one step further by being a social network specifically for pets. I think its pretty cool as its organised by animal so I can pick a species and spend all day looking at photo’s if I desire! They’ve also got a cool photo Yummy or Not section which I particularly like (yes I did just spend 10 minutes there!).

    Yummy or not - Pet Social NetworkNow there are 70,000 different pets already registered (which I find an amazing number) so finding new friends isn’t difficult… I also do have my own page in the process of being created as I love the community there so much!

    I do see pet social networking really becoming the next big advance in veterinary medicine technology allowing owners to stay connected with their pets! Already some vet practices such as Azzore Veterinary Referrals already have embraced the use of social media to share updates on patients (facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/azzore.specialists).

    Today’s diary entry was sponsored by Yummy Pets – The first social network for pets to connect, share photos, videos and more! With over 70000 members its time for your pet to make new friends!

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