• Posted on January 24, 2013 3:33 pm
    By Chris
    Mark your field! Should fields containing animals display emergency contact information?

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    OK so with all the actual ice around at the moment I think that it may be a good idea to expand on what ICE is:

    In Case of Emergency

    Just imagine you are driving along in the middle of nowhere and a horse jumps over the wall to their field. You stop and grab the horse to stop it wandering into other traffic, walk to the field gate and find it has a big massive padlock. What do you do? Call the police? Try to break the padlock to get the horse back in? In this case I was lucky in that I know how to handle horses and secondly to have someone that knew the owner drive past and give me their number. What if this hadn’t happened though?

    Sometimes you have a good idea, and usually they are the most simple ones. Now imagine if there was a sign next to the gate to the field with an emergency contact number on. You wouldn’t consider wasting police time (if you could handle the horse safely) and it would be much more efficient and so less stressful on the horse.

    I initially tweeted this out asking farmers and horse owners to comment and though several people re-tweeted it only 2 farmers replied. One saying that as they inspected their stock twice daily and fields were in view of the house it wasn’t needed, and the other actually saying they used signs for dangerous animals but thought it was a good idea.

    The most enthusiastic response however came from normal people – for example someone who lives with a horse in the field opposite that has no idea (though they’ve wondered) what they’d do if something happened – who think its a good idea. I personally think that its something that has previously not been worthwhile. However with the majority of people now carrying mobile phones having emergency contact details on the gate of any field with live animals is worth considering. Even if you check stock twice a day, sometimes in that situation where stock has been disturbed by a dog, or a horse has caught itself on a nail in the fence, or animals have been Houdini’s and escaped their fields it can make a big difference in animal welfare.

    Mark your field! Should fields containing animals display emergency contact information?I’d love your comments and opinions on this, especially from the farming community so please leave your thoughts below!

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