• Posted on February 8, 2013 6:43 pm
    By Chris
    Koala in Australia

    Today I somehow ended up reading about Bindi Irwin and her efforts in conservation since her father, Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter left us. You know when you get asked the question who would you want to have dinner with if you could choose? Steve Irwin would be around the top of my list, in fact I’d consider him one of my idols and a major influence in my passion for wildlife. Steve took a species that was hated and feared, and helped people understand crocodiles, one of the most evolutionary perfect animals.

    So Australia has crocodiles, they’ve also got snakes which I also find fascinating as well as several unique native species including the kangaroo. Now the kangaroo is pretty special in that it can pause its pregnancy. Generally whilst there is a “joey” in the pouch, there is another embryo waiting to develop if this one should die or when it matures enough to leave the pouch.

    Koala in Australia

    A Koala

    Then you have animals like the Wombat, Koala and the Echidna. The Echidna is an ant eater that has no teeth, feeding just on ants and termites it uses a long sticky tongue to collect them from a nest before crushing them between tough pads on the palate. There are also native birds like the Kookaburra which has a call that sounds like a human’s laughter. Legend says that the bird¬† wakes man to the glories of a new day.

    Now one of my dreams in my life is to get to visit Australia, ideally I’d like start from one of the hotels in Sydney and work my way up the coast as I know there are numerous national parks on the way. Hopefully one day in the future after I qualify I may even get a chance to work with these amazing animals, and to off course visit Australia Zoo.

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