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    By Chris
    Vet School Diary - Histological Section of the Canine Tongue 400x

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    The new semester started today with Histology and Physiology (same as last semesters Monday timetable) and it was as if Christmas hadn’t got in the middle at all. This mornings histology lecture was looking at the digestive system with a large proportion looking at the structure of the tubular systems of digestion. Its kinda surprising just how many layers there are in the wall of the esophagus!

    The practical session focused on looking at the tissues between the oral cavity and the start of the stomach (otherwise known as the esophageal-stomach junction). The first tissue type examined was the tongue (or lingua in Latin) which has different types of cells lining the surface which act as taste receptors, facilitate movement of food particles or secrete digestive enzymes.

    Vet School Diary - Histological Section of the Canine Tongue 400x

    The surface of the canine tongue under the microscope

    For something so basic that so many people take for granted the tongue is a lot more complex than I ever imagined it to be. After the tongue we then looked at teeth, unlike in humans where we only have one set off permanent teeth quite a few animals have teeth that continuously grow. Generally they have the harder shell made up of enamel, dentin and cementum with a center composed of rich nerve tissue and this is what a cross section of a tooth looks like. The solid looking pink circle is the dentin, cementum and enamel outer layer, whilst the purple inner mesh like area is the nerves and blood supply within the hollow center.

    Histological section of tooth showing nerve tissue

    Histological cross-section of a tooth

    This afternoons physiology session was then looking at the endocrine system which is basically the system of hormones that are released by, and control the functions of the body systems. The actual information that needs to be learned and memorised here is staggering with so many different hormones regulating so many different systems. First day back and the workload is already starting to pile up, and that is before adding in my fundraising and book writing!

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