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    By Chris
    Random hazard warning sign on door of heart exploding

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    The weeks nearly over and its time for Animal Hygiene again (check out last weeks diary to learn what is animal hygiene) and today we are looking at ventilation in animal houses. Now ventilation is important with animals not only because of heat, but because of the waste products from the animals (urine & feces) producing what can be harmful gases. In addition ventilation also plays a role in the management of the moisture content within the air which prevents condensation and all the nasty moulds that this causes!

    Now there are basically three types of ventilation:

    • Passive where the air change is due to natural things like cold air meeting hot air.
    • Negative pressure where air is sucked out of the building by fans
    • Positive pressure where air is pulled into the building by fans

    Now though you may have thought it was the realm of architects us vets need to be able to calculate how big the air outlets and inlets are using the air:water saturation level as a guide. Keeping the flow of air moving is important, however its also important to ensure that the speed of this is below 3meters per second so as not to create a draught for animals. To do this we use both the size of the openings and the method of ventilation used with a few different formulas and reference tables to get the correct area needed for the ventilation inlets and outlets.

    Anyways, enough that I am trying to keep away from maths here as much as possible (anyone applying to vet school? Maths is essential!!!) so will leave it there. We did notice this sign on a door on the way out though and though we have some theories what is behind this door we’re not sure so any suggestions or ideas are welcome in the comments below!

    Random hazard warning sign on door of heart exploding

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