• Posted on February 28, 2013 5:01 pm
    By Chris
    Animal Hygiene Animal House Design Plan

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    Another Thursday and another day of animal hygiene, today we started looking at how temperature is managed and the different ways that heat is lost from the buildings. We then started looking at interpreting architect drawings and plans for construction to be able to calculate the required ventilation for the animals as well as for their lighting and space requirements.

    Animal Hygiene Animal House Design PlanSadly this is a skill that I don’t think I’ll get to use as it is such a specialist area and one that I feel is not used as there is not much construction in new farm facilities. It is however very interesting to learn, and does help reinforce how the environmental conditions that the animals are kept in are controlled. Sadly however it is not the most exciting thing to write about, hopefully this will get better in a couple of weeks once I get out onto some farms and see some living, breathing animals!!! 🙂

    There are also rumours that we actually have to design our own animal housing as part of our final assessment in this module. This would actually be interesting as I am not sure whether I would go for an intensive or extensive design…

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