• Posted on March 4, 2013 6:40 pm
    By Chris
    Broken wisdom tooth dental x-ray

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    Well today I had my surgery appointment scheduled this morning for 8am, after which I was planning to return to class in time for Histology. I have been to the dentist in the UK before however this was my first time with any medical or dental problem here in Slovakia. My problems with my wisdom tooth started last February where the nerve was removed by my regular dentist however after radiographs (x-rays) he could not remove the tooth itself as the root was an abnormal shape. So he referred me to hospital in the UK, and several months later in August just before I was about to leave I got an appointment to see a oral surgeon.

    Anyways this appointment which lasted all of 5 minutes was some kind of bureaucracy of the NHS, and basically was to fill in a form and to be told I would be written to with my surgery date (which turned out to be at the end of November after I had already left the country). I was hoping for the temporary job by my original dentist to last until the summer however the filling broke out with a large part of the crown of the tooth.

    Broken wisdom tooth dental x-raySo Wednesday last week I went exploring the local hospital looking for an oral surgeon that could speak English. I found one and was told to come for x-rays Friday and if she had time she would do the surgery then, sadly she didn’t have time and so my appointment today which she expected to take around 30 minutes. With the way the tooth broke it cut up my gum causing inflammation, and when she looked today she found I also had inflammation in the bone. To get this single wisdom tooth took a little under 1 and a half hours, and because of the inflammation the anaesthetic did not penetrate all of the tissues meaning this probably the most painful hour I have ever spent.

    Technically she did an amazing job opening a flap on both sides of the mandible, and spending ages drilling out the mandible to get to the root. One of my biggest concerns was how close the apex radix dentis (tip of the root of the tooth) was to the canalis mandibulae which is the canal where the nervus alveolaris inferior runs which controls the teeth, the chin and the lower lip. Emotionally though I was pretty traumatised and at one point was heading into shock, definately was worse than I was expecting as they both made it out to be an easy job. I was so relieved to hear her say that she had one of the roots as was starting on the second!!!

    With the intense pain after surgery across the side of my face and the advice to put ice onto my cheek for the next few hours after picking up antibiotics and painkillers I headed back to dorms. Though I was intending to attend classes afterwards the pain and constant dribbling of blood persuaded me otherwise. I am hoping to pick up the practical I missed in Histology tommorow.

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