• Posted on March 11, 2013 7:23 pm
    By Chris
    Histology of the kidney tissue

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    Well today was the first of 3 credit tests I am sitting this week (tomorrow I have physiology, and Wednesday I have anatomy). It’s definitely looking like it will be a long week as Tuesday is normally a very long day already. The histology test today was on the digestive and respiratory system – I’d been told it was based on the digestive system so this I studied for – however I did not study for the respiratory system at all. I am pretty confident that my practical identification of the tissue types was ok, I am just a little concerned that I did not do well in the theory because I didn’t study respiratory system.

    Histology of the kidney tissue

    Anyways moving on the rest of the practical was based on the urinary system, so we started looking at the kidney, the ureter and the urinary bladder tissues. This didn’t take long as most of the session had gone to the credit test so after this we then had a gap until physiology.

    Physiology today was more about reproduction and during the lecture we looked at the different stages of estrus, the management of fertility and the different gestation periods for different species which was kinda interesting. I had done animal reproductive physiology as an entire module on my previous degree so it was a refresher for me.

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