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    By Chris
    Testis before and after puberty

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    Ok so I’ve decided that instead of speaking about everything everyday I’ve decided that I am going try and focus on one topic each day to keep it easier to read about and so I can go into the detail it deserves rather than just skimming over stuff.

    One of the most fascinating things about the reproductive system I find is that it continues developing months if not years after the animal is born. When you think that a mouse reaches puberty at an average of 35 days whilst a rhesus monkey reaches puberty at around 3 years, humpback whales at 4-7 years and elephants around 12-14 years. I’m on a mission to find out which animal has the oldest age of puberty though so stay tuned! Anyways talking puberty, most people are aware of the external changes, however looking inside the testes this is the chance that happens at puberty…

    Testis before and after puberty

    The change in testis at puberty

    So we can see that instead of closed follicles we have larger follicles which have a lumen (space) in the center which is starting to be filled with spermatogonia cells which will eventually become sperm.

    Development of sperm in the testisI will talk more about the penis on Wednesday with anatomy, however hopefully this has given you a little more understanding of the Testes and the changes with puberty.

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