• Posted on March 19, 2013 10:00 pm
    By Chris

    Today’s Diary Entry is sponsored by Scampers Pet Shop

    This is a special diary entry as instead of looking at my classes today I will be talking about a video I have been involved in this evening. You can view the video below, the text is in Czech/Slovak however it does not include any talking…

    [youtube_sc url=”8iV4Zj5vCzw” title=”Students%20UVLF%20Kosice:%20%22Our%20hearts%20beat%20for%20animals%22%20(A%20companion%20for%20life)” rel=”0″]

    This video was filmed this evening by a 5th year vet student from Brno vet school which is across the border in the Czech Republic who is trying to promote the welfare of animals within shelters within Eastern Europe. Obviously animal welfare is something that I feel extremely strongly about and so welcomed the opportunity to get involved! The video shows a stray dog being rescued, before then moving to vet students showing support for the cause (I’m top right corner if you can spot me :p).

    I took a little time afterwards to discuss the project, and was suprised to learn just how different eastern europe is to the UK. For example in the Czech Republic microchipping dogs is already compulsory, and will be so in Slovakia from this year. Also euthanising healthy dogs in shelters is actually not allowed in the Czech Republic either. Something that did come up was the difference in laws in terms of dealing with stray dogs on the street as only a dog warden can take a dog from the streets in the Czech Republic.

    I know this is a big issue in some countries at the moment as councils are forcing vets to send all dogs to the council pound whether or not the owner has been identified – with big fines for the vet if they don’t! This then means the owner will be charged rather substantial release fee’s from the pound and it is believed this is simply a money raising scheme by the councils – though they insist its to stop the dog escaping again… What do you guys think?

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