• Posted on March 30, 2013 9:46 pm
    By Chris

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    Well those that have been following me on twitter will be aware that at the start of 2013 I became the first ever BSAVA Student Rep at a veterinary school outside of the UK. Next week is BSAVA Congress and I am flying over to engage in a wonderful learning opportunity whilst also catching up with my sponsors – and hopefully securing some additional sponsors. This past week has been extremely busy with work on my book (finally the end is in sight – so much more work than I first expected!), three days of classes and then working on my revision strategy for the next week…

    Some of the lectures I will be attending include feline oral trauma, managing chronic kidney diseases, imaging in rabbits and reptiles. I am also going to a lecture on using ultrasound to look at the liver as well as a lecture on understanding and recognising pain in animals and a special lecture on controlling pain in reptiles. This is something that I personally feel is often overlooked as animals cannot tell us they are in pain so it is up to us to be aware off and recognise the symptoms of pain. In addition I am also going to a free lunch and learn from Supreme Petfoods on rabbit nutrition with Molly Varga which I am looking forward to!

    Something I am particularly looking forward to are a set of lectures on forensic veterinary medicine which is something that I don’t think has made its way onto the veterinary curriculum yet at any vet schools. Basically this is how to deal with abuse cases to ensure that a successful prosecution can be brought which is something I am passionate about. Until recently there has not been any formal learning at all in this topic leaving vets to fend for themselves in the confusing chain of custody and how to produce reports.

    Though I do not start surgery until next year I am planning to try and pick up some basic tips with a few surgery lectures and a couple in emergency medicine as well! Anyways my flight is in around 12 hours time, and I want to grab a few hours sleep before I leave. Tomorrow I will be flying from Debrecen airport in Hungary instead of Budapest as its closer to Kosice, and also as its not so well known the flights were considerably cheaper. My next diary entry will come to you after I land in the UK!

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