• Posted on April 3, 2013 7:39 pm
    By Chris

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    Well today’s diary entry is only going be short, I am actually writing this one from the ICC in Birmingham where the BSAVA Congress 2013 is being held! Today I travelled from Cambridge (will publish yesterdays diary entry with my visit to the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology later) up to Birmingham via Peterborough.

    To be honest usually I don’t really complain much however I feel that Cross Country trains deserve a mention here. My negative experience with them started when I tried to book tickets with them and they tried charging me a fee to collect them at the train station (most other train operators do this free). I booked with another company to avoid this, however arriving at Peterborough at 9:30 this morning the boards were showing my train had been cancelled. Heading up to information I found this was due to staffing issues so had an hour stuck in Peterborough.

    Anyways the worst part of this finally came when boarding the train a wheelchair user was trying to get off, however Cross country staff were too busy loading a refreshment trolley onto the train to assist them or get them a ramp. It is my opinion from my experience that Cross country cares more about making a profit than actually serving its customers. Sometimes things cannot be helped however forcing a wheelchair user to risk tipping over leaving a train because of a lack of common decency is not one of them. I will be doing everything I can to avoid using cross country trains again!

    Other than that, once I arrived into Birmingham I had a rather long walk around the city center as I’ve never had time here to explore before! Tomorrow morning is the start of BSAVA Congress 2013 and I am excited as!!!

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