• Posted on April 8, 2013 6:29 pm
    By Chris
    Flying over the Tatra mountains on the way to Slovakia

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    This morning I started my journey back to Kosice, I was hoping to arrive if possible in time for my physiology lecture however that did not happen. So with an early start I set out for Luton airport (definitely quicker to fly from than to arrive into). Anyway’s this time I was among the first onto the plane and managed to get a semi decent window seat, I was planning to do some revision reading here however was exhausted and fell asleep.

    I’m not sure why however I did wake up about an hour before we landed, looking out of the window I saw lots of flooding and realised how sunny it must be over here as there were no clouds to be seen. It really was impressive looking out at the Tatras (a mountain range) with the tips still covered in snow….

    Flying over the Tatra mountains on the way to SlovakiaArriving back into Debrecen airport I was actually glad to be back as coming off the plane as people were smiling (complete opposite to arriving in England). Passing through customs was also faster than when I arrived into the UK and I was back on the road less than 30 minutes after touchdown. I went into the city center to find some food which was pretty impressive with a lot of new buildings next to a lot of old buildings. Then it was time to start the drive back to Slovakia which meant we had to go through Miskolc to get onto route 3 which crosses the border into Kosice. Though I’d started at around 5am, I did not arrive back until around 5pm sadly missing physiology, and absolutely exhausted after a great week!

    Hopefully I will get more of BSAVA Congress written up over the next few days for you all to enjoy 🙂

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