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    By Chris
    UVM Kosice own Angiology and Nervous System Anatomy Books

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    Well today was a little bit of a disaster when it came to anatomy, last night I went to anatomy self study to look at the lungs, larynx and trachea and found that they did not have any specimens. As I was at BSAVA Congress last week I hadn’t seen these before and so had to rely on video, diagrams and photo’s. When it came time for the exam they managed to turn up the different specimens and so I got to see these for the first time. Whilst knowing the theory and different parts trying to relate this to the specimen under exam conditions is not easy as you are under pressure for an answer, and especially when it comes to different margins and facies is extremely difficult being unorientated! Though I knew the theory I still managed to fail this mornings exam as I made stupid mistakes like mistaking pig lungs for cow lungs (though I knew ruminants and pigs have bronchus trachealis to the cranial lobe) and basically for not knowing where the facies medium vertebral and mediastinal parts were.

    UVM Kosice own Angiology and Nervous System Anatomy BooksToday we started looking at the hoof, mammary gland, eye and ear which meant that we moved onto the next textbook. This meant that during the class we were left without a book and had to rely on notes alone, so after class finished I went to the library to try and find a clean (unwritten/drawn in) textbook to copy. I then ended up getting this copied for 5 extra people as well this afternoon which was interesting as it took two bags to carry them back in. I especially find the hoof interesting as basically it has the nail which surrounds the outside, which is simply suspended to the bone by ligaments – pretty amazing when you consider how much work it does!

    This evening went to doing a little bit of reading up on chemistry which I now know I need to understand in explicit detail to give me the ability to get the higher grades.

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