• Posted on April 16, 2013 9:47 pm
    By Chris
    Hlavna (main street) in the sun in Kosice, Slovakia

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    Well today was my birthday, if it wasn’t for facebook I would have got away with skipping it. Not only am I 26, however in Slovakia (and in fact a lot of Eastern Europe) you lose eligibility to student discounts when you turn 26. This means that the trams have just doubled in price for me from 25 cents up to 50 cents, along with losing discounted entry to various attractions. This evening I had a quite meal out in town which was pretty awesome (my favourite Italian restaurant) with quite a few people from my class! Especially when the weather is like this and all the restaurants here have tables in the street…

    Hlavna (main street) in the sun in Kosice, SlovakiaBefore this however today felt long, it started at 8am this morning with a look at bumblebee’s and how the different types of bee’s are used. We then looked at the different treatment options for diseases in bee’s along with the application of treatment to bee’s. Surprisingly it (at least in theory) is easier to administer antibiotics to bee’s than it is to cats which is pretty cool. There are different options from setting a drug saturated strip on fire within the hive to placing strips where the bee’s will come into contact with them.

    We then had fish where it was about parasitic infections which is one of the common problems with fish. We then had physiology with a rescheduled Animal Nutrition practical after it so after starting at 8am we finished around 6pm this evening…

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