• Posted on May 4, 2013 3:37 pm
    By Chris

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    This week here in Kosice is the USE YOUR CITY week, in addition to several religious holidays such as the orthodox easter, the Vet School Party and several opening events to mark the start of summer. This afternoon walking through the park I came across a battle re-enactment (apparently it happened a few times over a couple of days) with this horse. Take a watch of the video here paying attention to the horse (WARNING: This video may be disturbing for some viewers!):

    [youtube_sc url=”9_9vQUrRD08″ modestbranding=”1″ cc_load_policy=”1″ rel=”0″]

    Have you watched the video (if not take a look above)? Now if you noticed the horses response of fright to each loud noise from the cannon or guns you will see that the horses instinct is to bolt. This behaviour is only prevented by the highly skilled rider, however by pacing and dancing on the legs you can see the enormous stress that the horse is under.

    Within the UK the Five Freedoms granted by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 provide the provision for an animal to have “Freedom from fear and distress” which in this case I do not believe has been provided. To be honest though I am not sure of the legislation over here however if I had better Slovak I definitely would have kicked up a stink! Animals are often used in dramatics, however this should never restrict their freedom.

    In fact there were 2 police horses that stood close by that did not respond to the loud explosions at all demonstrating the ability to habituate horses to stimuli to prevent distress and fear as demonstrated here. I would love to hear your opinions here so please add your thoughts in the comments below!

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